This site and blog is an apologetic of the bible, of Jesus Christ, of defending the reasonableness of the Christian and biblical worldview and how to live it out. Some might say, biblical or Christian  apologetics.  It’s about making sense out of this fallen world through the truth of the bible, from an protestant, evangelical point of view.

My beliefs are grounded in the bible with the same basic, fundamental statement of beliefs you might find at Calvary Chapel and Assemblies of God denominations.  You might find some influence also from Bethel Church in Redding, CA.


8 thoughts on “About & Beliefs

  1. David

    Thank you, “SO MUCH” for taking Napoleon Hill’s insights on success and measuring them against the word of God! I was listening to his 9 Part Series (on YouTube) regarding how to Gain Success and became a little unsettled, indeed. Although his concepts “seem” to be correct, all it takes is a little misleading to get oneself completely on the wrong track! And isn’t just what Satan does: he adds a little (sometimes more) to something that seems the way to go, but in the end leads to death!

    Thanks again for your astute assessment, on the matter. We should all take whatever sounds right and correct in this world and use the Bible as the ultimate measuring line. If we practice this, we’ll be certain to stay in the Lord’s hands.

    Many thanks,


  2. Tim Bankes

    I just bought the book think and grow rich and right off the bat I feel if I follow the books wisdom, I will have sold my soul. I just do not agree with the idea that I must have such a burning desire and that I must forsake all for my burning desire. That seems idolatrous and evil.

    I have just recently learned to put my trust in Christ, not myself. I feel if I trust Christ then I can not fail. The one thing that knaws at me the the story of the talents. Where the guy does not do his best and is cast in to outer darkness. I don’t want to be that guy.

  3. Kathleen Conrad

    Pastor Dan Iread your teaching . Ireally understand where your coming from. Thanks for your God given wisdom. Ive been told that you really very hard for the Lord. Iheard that about a year ago. Then Iheard it again about 2 weeks ago. We had prayers thru Richard this week. We are very grateful for your ministry.

  4. Debbie

    Wonderful truth! I feel like my Father directed me here so I could read this today. Just the assurance that I needed.

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