Outwitting The Devil review. Is it Biblical or Christian?

Outwitting-the-DevilIs the book Outwitting the Devil Biblical or Christian?  Here’s my Outwitting the Devil review from a Biblical perspective.  Napoleon Hill’s late-published book, written in 1938 but only released in 2011, has excited the self-help and “Law of Attraction” crowd (from YouTube testimonials and other reviews I’ve seen), but how does it comport with the Bible and Christian doctrine?

Many of you may be familiar with Napoleon Hill’s classic success books: Think and Grow Rich and The Laws of Success, which espouse his idea, among others, that people should have a Major Definite Purpose for their lives.

This new book wasn’t published till long after Hill’s death because of its “controversial content.”   In it, Hill tells of his battle with depression and a breakthrough of faith he experienced after having published his first book, Think and Grow Rich. After his breakthrough, he gets into a Q&A interview with the Devil, whether real or imagined, and “forces” him to confess his strategies.   Before I critique a number of problems I have with it from a Biblical perspective, I would like to start with a number of things I like about it.

What is helpful is the premise that there is a world of spiritual warfare, an unseen world of the demonic that attacks, lies, suggests, and distracts us from the truth of God’s plan or the purpose of our lives.  These lies and distractions need to be both recognized and battled with truth and focus.  Hill also describes powerful experiences of faith and the presence of an “Other Self,” which guided him in the fulfillment of his strongly held purpose or “prayers.”  I would like to think that this “Other Self” is the Holy Spirit himself.  Unfortunately, he shows up at the beginning of the book, then sort of disappears. Hill refers to God as the “Infinite Intelligence”, but does not identify Him as the God of the Bible, which could make the book more accessible.  So far, nothing completely heretical.

The most highlighted strategy of the Devil, according to Hill, is to get people into drifting, not being settled on a major definite purpose for their life, which causes them to be ineffective.  And here, I agree that many of the Devil’s strategies seem to distract and discourage us from living out our true purpose.

The idea of “drifting” is a powerful and helpful metaphor that contrasts against faith if we define faith as of focus on achieving a definite major purpose.  Hill also incorporates principles of morality and sin around this idea:

  • Fear and failure facilitate the Devil’s work because “failure breaks down one’s morale, destroys self-confidence, subdues enthusiasm, dulls imagination, and drives away definiteness of purpose” (p. 104)
  • “It is a sin to permit one’s mind to be dominated by negative thoughts of envy, greed, fear, hatred, intolerance, vanity, self-pity, or discouragement because these states of mind lead to the habit of drifting.

With these points, I do agree. But ultimately, Hill and his devil distract us about how we achieve this with technique and determination instead of identity and faith in Jesus Christ and being led by the Holy Spirit.   While there are some helpful ideas in the book, my biggest gripe is his claim about what “salvation” is or how it is “achieved.”

The book was said not to have been published until recently, 70 years past its writing, because of its “controversial nature.”  The alleged controversy is that schools and the church teach fear, e.g., fear of Hell or judgment, to both children and adults, and this fear moves them into “drifting.”

But “Outwitting the Devil is not, nor would it have been so controversial because of its challenges to church doctrines, for example of “fearing God” or judgment, but because it is heretical in Hill’s doctrine of salvation.  Hill and his “devil” state that only “drifters” are headed to Hell, and only “non-drifers” or those who focused individuals that “think for themselves” and have a major definite purpose are headed toward salvation.

The Bible states that those who put their faith in Jesus Christ are saved.  Now perhaps that means their major definite purpose is to serve God and become more like Christ and not drift from Him, but Hill seems to think any definite purpose will do.  But certainly, there are very focused, high-achieving millionaires who are not saved.  So on this all-important eternal issue, the book might be better titled, “Outwitting Napoleon Hill” (and his readers).

Unfortunately, like so many books and resources in the motivational and “self-help” world, one can apply the principles to two underlying motivations:  Self or God.    This book implies as long as you have a definite major purpose and don’t fear or go into “drifting” by means of faith and focus, you will be spared from judgment and hell.  That is clearly unbiblical.  So while there is some truth here about not allowing yourself to be “a drifter,” the Devil may be Outwitting Napoleon Hill and his readers as there are at least three classes of people, not just two:

1) Drifters (98% of people) (many may be unsaved)
2) Major Definite Purpose of Serving Self (unsaved)
3) Major Definite Purpose of Serving God (saved)

A Christian should know what their calling is, both in a general and a specific sense. Whether it’s to be a missionary or own a successful business, the underlying motive should be to serve and love God and others.  I agree that drifting is a waste of our lives and that having a major definite purpose or goal is certainly a key to avoiding drifting.  The salvation issue is not about “staying focused” or performance but in an abiding trust in the finished work of Christ, first and foremost. Can a Christian have focused goals or a “definite purpose” that is not in ministry?  Of course, it is important to check your motives and make sure it is not a “salvation” or an idol to you. Without God, a self-serving major definite purpose can be a road to hell.

You desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.  James 4:2-3 NIV

So, we need to be focused (and not drift) on the “why” first and the “what” second. So if Christ (the “why”) is your primary or major definite purpose, your “secondary definite purpose” (the “what”) should be motivated to serve God and people and to become more like Christ Himself.   This scripture puts goals and faith into the right perspective:

Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money.” Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Instead, you ought to say, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.” As it is, you boast in your arrogant schemes. All such boasting is evil. If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.   James 4:13-17 NIV

Outwitting the Devil raises many other questions that are circumspect:

1) Did Napoleon Hill really speak with the devil?  Can we do so, Biblically speaking?  Jesus had conversations with the devil, so it’s not out of the pale.   But in this case, I think not.

Just as Hill did not have actual conversations with the members of his “Inner Circle” of successful people of yesteryear, it follows that this was mostly an imagined conversation that took over Hill’s typewriter. Also, it’s uncanny how “The Devil’s” opinions were so much in line with what Hill had already espoused in his book Think and Grow Rich such as having a major definite purpose.

2) What “secret code” forced this so-called devil to confess?  I’d like to think it was the name of Jesus, which has authority.  For without it, I don’t see how such a confession could have been made. If the devil were conversing with him, it is probably more likely that he outwitted Hill. Hill does not give us any convincing reason why or how he has compelled the Father of Lies to tell the truth.

3) How do we know that the Devil is not outwitting us?  Can we be prideful enough not to consider this book can get us off of our rest and identity in Christ and toward self-striving toward selfish ambitions and goals?

4) Is avoiding “groupthink” and having accurate, independent thinking really the path to freedom?  Sure, we need not be conformed to the pattern of this world, but we also are mindful that sin has sometimes been described as an acronym, S.I.N. for Selfish Independent Nature.

5) Is Fear, such as of judgment or of Hell, always a “negative” and a gateway to the enemy’s mind control and something that should be now avoided?    The Bible teaches that the Fear of God is the beginning of all Wisdom. God also teaches us to be Bold and Courageous and not be afraid.

6) Are the demons really conducting warfare on every soul, even those who are not believers or likely to become believers in God’s true plan of salvation?  Many Christians believe that the devil leaves us alone until someone tries to get us saved or we become saved.

7) Isn’t it a bit strange that Hill cedes to the Devil’s conditional demand that He calls him “Your Majesty”?  Is he allowing the Devil to be his king?

8) Is Positive thinking really the key to Godliness?  Probably not in those terms, but having FAITH is!  Just what is the object of your faith?   If it’s only faith in yourself, then you have a problem.

Jesus told a parable of those who mastered faith but did not have a love relationship with the Father.

They asked, “did not we do miracles in your name?  He said, be gone, these things were not authorized, for I never knew you.”

See, it’s not enough that “the law of attraction” or faith can work for you, get you out of debt or poverty, or even help people. From a salvation and eternal standpoint, it must be used in a connected love relationship with God.

So that is my Outwitting the Devil review.  If you liked this, please subscribe or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


24 thoughts on “Outwitting The Devil review. Is it Biblical or Christian?

  1. Uzo

    Strange that most people don’t get the fact that this was a brilliant work of fiction made to be fun, interesting and to capture the imagination and attention of its readers. Napoleon Hill was simply trying to connect his practical approach to person development with the laws of the Universe as they were made by “Infinite Intelligence”. In other words, making us understand that the rules for successful living are consistent with our spiritual beliefs. He had to twist his plot and vocabulary to accommodate as many diverse spiritual beliefs as possible. This explains for example his use of words like ” infinite intelligence ” (God?) and drifters (sinners?). This style is absolutely brilliant. I believe that NH wanted us to understand that these principles are universal without offending or alienating any particular religious faith. His work should be seen in this light. I believe he never intended it to be some kind Christian theology literary work to be analized in the light of Christian traditional beliefs. He used the word your ” your Majesty” to describe the devil. This was brilliant because it simply sounded better than calling him Mr. Devil page after page (which would have been almost childish and certainly unbelievable). My mind also goes to Matthew 4:1-11 and how the devil offered Jesus earthly kingdoms. Regardless it gave colour, life and character to the devil’s personality.
    Trying to squeeze this excellent creative work into Christian stereotype ideologies is a waste of time. But critics must be critical otherwise they would be unemployed. I love this book and its takes absolutely nothing away from my religious faith.

  2. Chris blake

    Can someone help me to understand. Kindly help me to answer these questions if you can. Thx:

    1. Why don’t Napoleon publish this book?

    2. Why did it take 60 years to release this book?

    3. Could this book have been edited by someone else?

    4. Was Napoleon‘s origin written document in a dialogue with the devil?

    I’m a believer in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

    I see that the controversy, I see the heretics,
    I value the natural and biblical, and kingdom principles in the book. I apply the golden nuggets. I ask questions. I Pray before i read. “Don’t be so open minded that your brain falls out. “. I understand the trick and I see the subtlety of the devil. You can read but be aware.

    I would recommend this book to mature Believers who has a strong discerning spirit and who would like to have a open discussion.
    Text me.


  3. David Rodriguez Jr

    And inasmuch as I feel opposed to the certain aspects of the point of view in the article, I applaud you for speaking your mind with as little to no prejudice and bias. A step forward indeed, peace boba

  4. Beau G

    Man I’ve been set free and then drifted for so long not being able to see the destruction from my emotions and thoughts that I never captured, I believe and god and have always begged him to see me true and he has.
    He has delivered me from a trap that surely was going to destroy me. I was researching utube and sermons and info on this, and I was able to get out of the trap.
    Then I came across this interview (audible)
    what is said has been the downfall and the drift in my life from a young age, I’m a business owner who has always had it tough due to my drifting but god has kept me, as I belong to him, but understand he can’t allow habitual sin and drifting forever, there are certain laws that accuser calls on and he wants to take you out. In my case my heart didn’t turn evil- I still showed compassion and love to the people that were involved the trap, the lord revealed where it was all headed which allowed me to be a step ahead and abandon these people and get back to the him and finally See, I’ve always had a blockage and couldn’t see it.
    So learning some definite tactics he uses from again utube and then this interview has opened my eyes about our accuser more than just what we are taught at church ‘he roams like a roaring lion seeking who he can devour”
    When it’s much more silent sneaky and deadly then that.
    It’s good for some advice and tactics he uses but he is always a liar and my experience, in physical battles I’ve seen he has 2 forms – black figure red eyes normal man figure & dark winged figure, but in this interview he wouldn’t reveal that, but he had a form in heaven right and takes on form in some situations, like when scaring people at night in torment or warfare— He wouldn’t tell truth and say – “I’m negative energy but when I visit people in the night I take on such forms as this or that‘
    cause that reveals truth…

    I picked up a major flaw- I was like is this really the devil lord, I can understand truth to this from my experience but really? He’s apparently telling truth but he’s a liar so that don’t make sense, and
    Then I heard hill ask something about how would the devil respond rather than “how would you respond.”
    If you were talking to anyone this intellectually why would you address the person/being incorrectly, me and my wife were listening she didn’t pick it up,
    I did and thought- yeah, nah! I’d never speak to the president and say how would the president respond, I’d say how would you respond mr president….even though I’m an Aussie and we have a prime minister (a new one every couple of months or years haha)

    Don’t build your life in Christ based on this book pick up some tools and the see the tactics and his tricks more clearly.

    But Christ says by faith we are in him and we are filled with his holy spirit and our mind renewed in him.
    We then are to daily press into him and live holy and pure and that ain’t easy.
    Be encouraged fight the good fight, faith over fear.
    Most importantly Jesus loves us all, he truely is the way the truth and the life..in him alone u can do all things, when you get to busy and put him on the shelf, this drifting can slowly start and how slowly it starts. So slow you don’t see it until, if fortunate enough you come out the other side and can see.
    And my experience god truely works for your good when you belong to him…But don’t mess with these things and your walk, if you believe, live it daily with no compromise…. You dont want to go through life Luke warm and end up where you never wanted to be…..hell.
    You want to live right and get the well done good and faithful servant.
    Little bit of light heartedness for me how I may be greated-
    I’m probably gunna get, man you’ve been so dumb and you pulled through by the skin of your teeth but your faith in me saved u, well done my wayward son I had the gold prepared but sorry you only get the bronze medal- I know the real story of the prodigal son is not bronze it’s gold and celebration…

    Don’t live life for bronze, live for the gold as he wants us to run the race well…

    Bless you all brothers and sisters….

  5. Julian Weigh

    Hello, thank you for your post. I really enjoyed the part where you connected Hill’s description of the “otherself” with the Holy Spirit which dwells in the lives of Christians. I too felt the same when I read the chapter that contained that description. While I am still reading the book, I do not think Hill’s conception of the biblical salvation is a heresy. As you have said in this post that to ensure a greater accessibility for the general public, we could presume that Hill replaced “the God of Israel” with “Infinite intelligence”. I think the same approach should be applied to Hill’s conception of the biblical salvation. When I read about his statements which suggested drifters are headed to the hell and non-drifters are headed to the heaven, I understood them with one criterion in mind. That is to ask whether an individual is in Christ or not. If an individual is with Christ, then that person cannot be considered as a drifter for HE leads the saved people who are still dwelling in the flesh and battling with their carnal sins. Conversely, if there is another individual who is really success driven but without Christ, then in a spiritual sense, he is a drifter. Such a person is indubiously a drifter for his wealth or power cannot save him from the eternal damnation. To save such a drifter, as we all know it is through the personal salvation through Jesus Christ.

    • BobA Post author

      You’re right in what you said, however, my concern is not with existing believers like you, who may rightly discern the language and concepts in the book. My concern is for non-believers, or new believers that might be mislead and buy into “universal intelligence” as being some impersonal force, aka “the universe.” It and other “law of attraction” content often can lead to self-serving desires and away from Christ and His kingdom purposes. Hill makes the statement about salvation in the book without regard to faith in Christ, though now it has been awhile since I read it and where that is. That in itself clearly is heretical.

      Interesting though this Outwitting the Devil may be heretical, I’m not sure about Hill himself was bent on heresy. In listening to Hill in his recorded audio lectures, which I assume were recorded later in life, he does interchange “infinite intelligence” with “Creator” and encourages people to prefer prayer over affirmation, because “they have the backing of the Creator.”

  6. David

    Thank you for your fairness in the review of this book. I got about halfway through the book and just thought wait a second, this isn’t really biblical. There are some helpful visualizations and what not, but you’re right on point, it just doesn’t jive with the bible…the master thing was pretty alarming to me too.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this post together – it has made an impact.

  7. Justin Allen Hammonds

    Hey, I haven’t read this book, but from your review and critique of it.

    I got a pretty clear idea of what the book was talking about.

    Me myself, I am a free thinker.

    I honestly 100% believe in pretty much nothing but the Bible (as truth), but the thing is I read other books, I love self help, I used to be turned off by the Law of Attraction, and basically personally development in general but…

    Honestly I just love Jesus.

    See this is how I feel.

    I don’t believe in indoctrination. Meaning “doctrine” is always forced on people. ALWAYS!

    I see this a lot in the south. I go to a “Baptist” church, but would rather sometimes view church on the internet (like Joseph Prince, Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar)

    I don’t look at myself as “Baptist” for this reason though…

    I hear my elderly members arguing about… “The Church is not following Baptist Doctrine, Blah Blah Blah Money this Money that…. ETC”


    It not useful to me a person.

    Here’s how I look at it.

    Since I believe in His righteousness (the Righteousness of Christ), then why wouldn’t you of course then believe that you OWN that righteousness.

    Like it’s a part of you.

    Like I Won’t indoctrinate nobody on that fact, but I’m basically saying why can’t you see yourself as Him?

    If you accept Christ, and Let Him In, then why wouldn’t He be IN You because You are IN HIM. Your Life is GONE when you accept Christ, so from that point on you are Sons of God.

    I really like what you said out the book.

    Even before I even knew the book existed I’ve had conversations like that where I honestly felt I was talking to the devil.

    I’ve had times where I’ve “lost” as well, while talking to the Devil.

    I have schizophrenia, and that’s really the only tool the devil uses against me. I could go on and on about the EXTREMELY stupid stuff he says to me, but I am so persuaded in Christ’s righteousness in me that even though schizophrenia (which I do relate my own self image to sometimes) is considered unclean, I feel I have nothing to hide because of it.

    I quit taking medicine and Just let the Holy Spirit flow. Yeah the devil bashes me for it. He belittles me.

    But I’m FREE.

    Galatians 5:22-23New International Version (NIV)
    22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

    I’m FREE to LOVE myself in Christ because there is no such law against these things.

    I honestly believe ALL Doctrine teaches fear (even Christian Doctrine) because it causes you to feel negative consequence for thinking against the “doctrine”.

    Now I’ma Christian, and I abosolutely Love Jesus, but I refuse to be forced to love Jesus (because I’m afraid to go to hell) and I refuse to force people to love Jesus (because it leads to a backwards road of self denial, and it robs you of your creative nature, the HUMAN God made you to be. True self denial is realizing you only have to die once. After that you are a new creature that can NEVER be unclean again)

    I love the idea of “drifting”. That’s a classic example (remember I haven’t read the book, but your notes are really GREAT!)

    Ephesians 4:14
    King James Bible
    That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;

    That’s what “drifting” means to me. Love the idea.

    Anyway thanks for the article, and I LOVE you, and And love the other comments too!

    May Jesus Richly Bless Us ALL!

    • Mapholisa

      Justin, I’m in love with your response especially when you say because Christ is in me, so I am in him.

      I have started to read the book in 2017 and I threw it it down when I reach the conversation with the devil chapter. I then picked it up again in 2018 but I’ll still reading it by repeating each chapter until I understand it. The heart of that book to me is when Hill describes Schools and Churches as a weapon of the devil to make us drift. When I look at it I do agree with that view, if you are not educated in our world you are considered dumb and useless, nobody listens to you. But if not educated but rich even the educated listen even when you talking rubbish. Example is Donald Trump. At church front, we go there to be frightened we even come out scared. As a result I decided to join Jehovah Witnesses because they don’t preach hell and unending fire.

      In conclusion, this book encourages positive thinking which the Bible is against in many instances.
      Thank you for the analysis


  8. Kev

    You can speak with the devil, i have done myself, but originally tried to make me believe he was God. From what ive heard and read of the book so far its pretty legit sounding to me, i believe it is the devil same entity i spoke with if not the actually devil then a demon…

    Thing we have to remember is the devil is a liar, so people asking questions and leaving comments on here as if theyve taken what the devil said word for word is just as big a fool as the supposed 98% he mentions….. reason i say supposed is i believe that to be a lie…. i believe brainwashed people and unbelievers evil doers are high but not 98% its the devil trying to aound bigger than he seems…

    Also claiming he is equivalent to God but just the negative insted of the positive… is also a lie. Hes putting himself equal to God when he knows damn well he is below God… certain truth to him being the negative and dualities have to exists for there is night there is day ect good there is evil…. i guess thats why God throws all demons satan and evil people into hell forever… because they still will exist the negative still has to exist it always will, but it will be seperated from the good as god intended right from the start….

    Devil hates people that think,, thats true,, that is why alot of things today make people dumb down, comfrom and accept what everyone else excepts, we control each other and put fear into each other not to speak out and think but rather to just go along with what everyone else in society expects…. this is a trap… question and think and ask god for the wisdom to know….

    Such meditation like empty your mind new age spirituality ect is demonic for that reason.. emptying your mind is where it leaves room for the devil to come in…. that is why we must stay busy, dont sit around doing nothing cause thats when the devil will make tou sin….

    Think of a time when you are bored (not being productive with your time) not worshipping God…… you often choose to do sinful things right??!!!!! When you are bored and your mind is empty, thats when the devil will fill that empty void with a sinful activity….. you better believe it…

    God bless you and Jesus is the almighty.. amen

  9. Rick

    I read Napoleon Hill’s THINK AND GROW RICH,
    and I would be leery of what the man is really all about when it comes to understanding whether the man loved Jesus or not.
    To me, Napoleon Hill was overly concerned with wealth… a prosperity preacher if any evangelist. But it sticks with me: what lover of God would ever in their Right mind say to Satan, ‘your majesty’!?!
    Also, he definitely seems to have Salvation all wrong, especially if never mentioning the name of JESUS! Satan’s deft ploys for Christians use a lot of Truth with just a little, but significant, twist. And it seems Hill was outwitted by the devil by not employing faith in the name of Jesus anywhere in his book. Perhaps he wanted to go so far for God without invoking Jesus’ name. Hill supposedly reveals deep insights & truths to spiritual warfare and wisdom for the battle… but how wise could all that really be when he never invokes the power of Jesus, ignores what Jesus claimed about Salvation, and addresses Satan as “your majesty”??? I’d say whatever Hill has done, he built it not on The Rock, but on a foundation of loose sand… and that’s not someone you’d be seeking much wisdom from.

  10. man

    My comment is more positive than negative and gave 2 Bible verses…

    Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich was my inspiration when i was really down in life financially and emotionally. He was my mentor and still consider him my mentor on self help, I bought his first book back in 2005 and really surprised to find out today that his got a new one The Outwitting the Devil. It’s very obvious that interview was just to make it dramatic or just to give life to the interview but the devil is obviously ourselves and not the other one. I noticed that he addressed Lord Jesus Christ on his first book as just one of the great men calling him Christ only. So my observation is he was not a Christian or I could be wrong.

    I never finished listening and reading his latest book yet and soon will but I am sure this one is a very valuable tool and a must for people who failed not just once but several times in their lives. So far failure just visited me once i don’t want this to happen again but just in case it does happen I now have lots of valuable information to go back to the top. We can probably also say that failures will make us more tougher in life. So the more failures we get the more success we will get also but depending on how we apply these failures in life we should have the know how to convert it to positive results. My two cent to everyone is put God first in everything we do.” Like what Apostle Paul said in his book to the Gentiles in Philippians 1:21 that says “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain” So we should not fear death because if you are in Christ and die then that is gain.

    Remember also a passage in Philippians 4:13 I can do all thing through Christ which strengthens me!!!

    Cheers and GOD BLESS to all!!!

  11. Troy Leslie

    If you fully understand the bible with the aid of the holy spirit not just intellectually you will find out that this book is almost similar to spiritual warfare strategies to defeat the Devil ONLY if yoy know how to replace words such as infinite intelligence to God of Israel. This book tries to cater both sides of christianity and worldly self-help. But as a christian some terms might need you to replace then with more spiritual terms. Its a lovely book that needs you to translate it yourself to suit spirituality. Dont try to understand this book if you dont fully know your bible. Mature christains can pin point the right directions from this book. Its a powerful book that needs a power christian maturity level.

    • David Rodriguez Jr

      Well put, I was beginning to think I was outwitted. Take everything with a grain of salt to empower yourself in the life you were given by the creator of our souls/minds. Sure I agree with many technicalities which don’t coincide with reality. But just as not everything we physically consume is good, our bodies digest what it can work with. I believe its fantasy to believe someone has all the answers ready to dispel at will. “Do what you want, do what you want they, life is for you to live in your way, it doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as your technique ain’t weak, then pursue it” our body is a temple, we all own a conscience to discern right from wrong, plus the privilege of thinking for ourselves. What you give out you get back. Be wise in the battles you pick, now “can we be the sole/soul-controllers of our fate, ayo who’s gonna take the weight?..(reverse psychology) you cant handle the whole weight!” And a last note, progress over perfection, because perfection is blasphemous to j-christ, anti-christ even. There’s a song released before 2011 and I discern it personally as the theme for nap hills #owtd manuscript. Thank you in advance for your prompt response.

  12. Lisa

    This book has been vey interesting, up until the chapter I’m currently reading about hypnotic rhythm. It seemed like maybe Hill did have an “awakening” of sorts to the devils tactics and went on to pen them. Which is why, once I hit Chapter 6, that really freaked me out. Specifically page 124 where he uses fear/fear of death to lure people I to hypnotic rhythm. As I have struggled with fear and anxiety for many years and suddenly thought “what if I’m not in the 2% of thinking people, am I truly on the highway to hell?!?!” So I had to step back, collect my thoughts and realize the Holy Bible is complete truth and that God’s grace and forgiveness cover my sin! So although I may struggle, it does not mean eternity with the devil because of that! Like others, I agree it makes one aware of the spiritual warfare and things that mankind is not too familiar with. I even agree with education needing reform in helping kids think for themselves. Very interesting book and interesting to hear others opinions on it.

  13. James

    While I may not agree with all of Hill’s ideas from a Biblical perspective, I think it is important to make people aware of the negative forces that are a real threat to them, as opposed to making the devil seem distant and abstract. The book also presents a way for people to become part of the 2 percent even if they do not possess material wealth.

    • David Rodriguez Jr

      To know thyself requires accurate thought exercises. And to know thyself consciously is to know the enemy. Spiritual warfare indeed friend

  14. Jen


    Glory be to the our God of Love and Mercy for your article.

    I thought I was the only crazy that had all this unanswered questions to the purpose of this book. I have been struggling because of my Catholic >> Non-religious >> Universe Believer background. I have had almost cosmic experiences and was convinced of the power of the cosmos and so on but one good night I cried for God’s help and and my prayer was replied almost immediately… I was asked for something that seemed impossible but happened and I believed in God’s power. But u can imagine all my previous reads and experiences and beliefs were still running around in my head but when you put all this things in writing I have been able to at least organize them in my head and address them….. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. May God bless you.

    • Mel

      Hi! I just started listening to this book on audible and am fascinated. I feel that the comments above and the review are not touching on something very serious so I feel compelled to comment which I do not normally do. This book is shedding light to me and confirming thoughts I have on depression and demons that my loved one suffers from. I have been a vessel of light for this person and I find when we pray together and then I pray harder longer the demons disappear. When this person doesn’t “drift”- the devil stays away. It is consistent. I also have found that “certain people” set this person off which to me also confirms the devil at work thru others. This is all actually covered in the book so far and I am amazed and feel empowered to continue my mission to help. It brings tears to my eyes. I have amazingly strong faith in God. I feel that this book was not published b/c of the fear of ridicule for such issues as depression and demons- people do not have the courage to discuss this very serious topic. We lost 2 public figures this week along…not counting how many others suffer daily. If we can use this information- this book is a tool- we can help others.
      Please shed Gods light and be blessed-
      Thank you-

      • David Rodriguez Jr

        Yes, “if we are all human, why have so many divisions, superficial factors are drawing us apart, don’t let it happen, let’s put some respect back in, so as I think..”

        Reply for source

        Thanks in advance for the prompt reply

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