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This site and blog is an apologetic of the bible, of Jesus Christ, of defending the reasonableness of the Christian and biblical worldview and how to live it out. Some might say, biblical or Christian  apologetics.  It’s about making sense out of this fallen world through the truth of the bible, from an protestant, evangelical point of view.

My beliefs are grounded in the bible with the same basic, fundamental statement of beliefs you might find at Calvary Chapel and Assemblies of God denominations.  You might find some influence also from Bethel Church in Redding, CA.


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  1. Larry Ruff says:

    I am looking for the booklet regarding healing through communion by His broken body.

  2. Pastor Dan Iread your teaching . Ireally understand where your coming from. Thanks for your God given wisdom. Ive been told that you really very hard for the Lord. Iheard that about a year ago. Then Iheard it again about 2 weeks ago. We had prayers thru Richard this week. We are very grateful for your ministry.

  3. Debbie says:

    Wonderful truth! I feel like my Father directed me here so I could read this today. Just the assurance that I needed.

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